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Balancing the Imperfections in Breasts
Apart from the above surgeries, if you want to balance the imperfections in your breasts, then given below are a few ways for both the small and the fuller bust sizes.

Small Bust

  • Make the most of what you have got with a good bra that creates shape, however avoid sports bras in favour of slightly padded styles.

  • Looser tops will make you appear larger.

  • Wear a layer on top (T-shirt under shirt then a jacket over).

  • Wear scarves (neck permitting) inside the neck of your blouses.

  • Short sleeves `widen` the bust area.

  • Use texture and pattern in your blouses and jackets.

  • Select jackets and blouses with pockets.

  • Empire waistlines accentuate any bust.

  • For evenings, avoid skimpy fitted styles on top in favour of more substantial fabrics (satin, raw silk) and tailoring.

  • Full Bust

  • Open necklines are the best for such bust sizes.

  • Use softer fabrics in blouses.

  • Go for loose not tight-fitting tops.

  • Look for minimal detailing in blouses and jackets.

  • Matte and plain fabrics are more elegant.

  • Necklaces and scarves should end above the fullest point of the bustline.

  • Avoid very cinched waists.

  • Soft, tie belts or no belts are best.

  • A properly fitted bra is essential. Don`t hike them too high or let them sag too low.

  • Avoid layering (which adds bulk), unless in fine fabrics.

  • For evenings, either go sleeveless or wear long sleeves.
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