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Damage Control
Apart from the various skin problems listed above, your skin sometimes is also prone to various other damages. Those are listed below along with a few remedies, which can be sought to control the same.

Inflamed or Red SkinInflammation

  • Prepare three cups of very strong chamomile tea and refrigerate the mixture. Use a spritzer to spray the chilled tea over inflamed skin. Then soak a gauze pad in whole milk and apply to the affected area. Milk is full of lactic acid, a natural alpha-hydroxyl acid that gently exfoliates dead skin.

  • Paper cuts

  • You can dab on some petroleum jelly to ease the sting.

  • Puffy eyes

  • Take a metal spoon and run it under cold water. Place the metal on puffy area for at least 60 seconds. Then apply hemorrhoid cream to the puffy area. You can also use thin cucumber slices as a compress over closed eyes.

  • Place a black tea bag soaked in cold water on each eye for ten minutes to reduce swelling caused by fluid retention. Gently press the tea bag from inner to outer corners to drain the water before placing it on your closed eye.

  • Avoid salty foods, which cause the under eye area (and the rest of your body) to hold fluid.

  • Elevate your head when you sleep to keep fluid from settling around your eyes.

  • Dark CirclesDark circles

  • Use the potassium in raw potato slices to minimize dark circles. Lie down and apply the potato slices under the eye. Allow the juices to absorb into the affected area.

  • Use inexpensive, non-herbal, tea bags with tannic acid to minimize dark circles. Briefly steep the teabag then let cool. Gently press the tea bag from inner to outer corners to drain the water before placing it under your eye. Lie down and apply the teabags under the eye. Be sure the teabag is cool; too warm, and they`ll puff up the eye. Allow the tannic acid to be absorbed into the affected area.

  • Soak cotton pads in rose water. Gently squeeze out the excess water from the pads. Lie down and apply the pads under the eye. Allow the rose water to absorb into the affected area.

  • Burns

  • Soak the burn, in whole milk for fifteen minutes. The fattier the milk, the more effective it will be because the fat forms a natural emollient covering on the skin.

  • For a large burn, soak a gauze bandage or small towel in milk then apply to the burn. Milk works better than water because it pulls the excess moisture out of the skin, and treating a burn with water requires the additional application of an emollient.

  • Bruises

  • Speed the healing with vitamin K found in leafy green vegetables and known for its blood-clotting abilities, or arnica, sometimes called leopard`s bane, which should be rubbed into the bruise. Arnica works by stimulating white blood cells that break up congealed blood. If you don`t like vegetables, vitamin K and arnica are available in cream or tablet form at any Health Food store.

  • Sunburn

  • Add a bottle of vinegar to a warm bath. It will soothe the burn and make your skin feel soft.

  • Shaving rash

  • To soothe a shaving irritation, chill wet chamomile tea bags and place them on the inflamed skin. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and pain-relieving properties. For large areas of irritated skin, make a compress by dipping a gauze pad into a very strong, cold cup of chamomile tea.

  • Chafing

  • Apply cornstarch directly from the box to the friction points. Cornstarch is a moisture-absorbing powder.

  • Post-workout breakouts

  • Moisturizer and makeup block the sweat glands and clog pores, so it`s important to exercise with a clean face. Breakouts often occur on the chest or back, caused by a heat rash. Don`t exercise in synthetic clothes that trap moisture and promote breakouts. You need natural fibers like cotton that allows the material to circulate drying air, and be sure to shower immediately with an antibacterial soap after your workout.

  • Crows feet

  • Break open a vitamin E capsule and add it to about a dram of moisturizer. Gently pat it under the eye, but never pull or rub this skin because it`s much too delicate to respond well to roughness.

  • Stretch marks

    Rub flaxseed oil on the skin that`s been stretched. Flaxseed is high in vitamin E, which promotes cell regeneration.


  • To prevent scars in the first place, never pick at a pimple; let it go through its natural cycle. One way to make sure the scars don`t get worse is to cover your skin with a sunscreen whenever you go out. The sun can make scars change color. If you have scars that are a different color, avoid making more of these spots by being very gentle with your skin. Use a gentle soap when you wash, and use warm water -- do not go with either hot or cold extremes. Do not use a scrub brush or wash cloth/towel on your face but use your hands when you wash.

  • Some large pores are really acne scars, called "ice pick" scars. Ice pick scars are very deep and small, and you can confuse them with large pores. They are difficult to treat, and only a dermatologist can help you.

  • Age SpotsAge Spots

  • Age spots are shallow pigmentations of the skin due to excessive sun exposure. They respond well to topical treatments. Bleaching creams contain hydroquinone plus Vitamin A derivatives and they don`t really bleach the spot. Rather, they will stop the production of more melanin and then dry out the area so the age spots can be shed. However, a more natural method is to hold a lemon half directly on the age spot for ten minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Repeat once a day until the spot has been shed.

  • Eczema

  • Eczema, or Caucasian skin, appears as red, oily patches that itch; on black skin, it appears like goosebumps. Eczema might indicate an allergic reaction. If you`ve ruled out an allergy, treat this gently with an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal has beta-glutens that help regenerate skin. Evening primrose oil is also helpful because it has gamma-linolenic acid (GLA); you can get GLA by eating salmon and flaxseed.
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