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Evolution of Beauty
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The concept of beauty is nothing new to mankind. This concept, since its inception, is something that has fascinated mankind. Beauty is an inborn and emotional perception of life`s affirmative aspects - vitality, health, fertility, happiness and goodness. Pure beauty is an eternity in itself and a powerful source of creation. In its most profound sense, the beauty creates a sense of positive reflection on the meaning of one`s own being within nature. Beauty involves the understanding of objects as having a balance and harmony with nature, which invokes in the viewer a sense and experience of attraction, affection, and pleasure. An "object of beauty" is anything, which reveals a personally meaningful aspect of "natural beauty". For most people beauty is a genetically constructed, learned and perceived aptitude. It can also be developed and adapted or adjusted to a specific environment. Thus, beauty derived by nature is diverse and is perceived and interpreted in different ways by various species.
Evolution of BeautyAs a general rule of nature, something perceived sexually attractive or sensually stimulating is also considered beautiful. Beauty is being used as a tool to attract a mate or mates for the purpose of reproduction and survival of the species. Animals as well as plants simply perceive beauty by instinct. However, for humans who are endowed with reason and speech, the concept of beauty could become a complex phenomenon at times, because the former, also relate to the other species and the universe in a meaningful way. Sexual attraction plays a significant role in defining beauty for the purpose of reproduction and survival of humans. However, the human mind and senses are more prone to deviations and manipulations than the other species. Moreover, humans have to deal with more complex issues such as morality, humanity and spirituality to protect and preserve beauty.

Beauty derived by pure reason and nature has been a powerful source for the human mind to evolve and produce a variety of delicate works of art, technology, architecture and literature, and it eventually has been the source of invaluable and magnificent creative works. Finally, the interrelation between health and beauty if used in a constructive way could promote the overall well being of the human kind and develop a healthy mind and soul, as well as a productive environment.
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