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Foot Massage
A foot massage can be performed at any time you wish or as part of a home pedicure procedure. The following illustrations depict some standard foot massage techniques that a nail technician might perform on a client during a pedicure. Wear lose, comfortable clothes and sit comfortably with your back supported.

Foot MassageFor a massage you will need the following ingredients

2 teaspoons (10 ml) castor, jojoba, soybean, or extra-virgin olive oil.
3 drops lavender essential oil
1 drop German chamomile essential oil
1 drop geranium essential oil


  • Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl. Stir thoroughly. Start by relaxing your foot. Hold your foot so that one hand is on the sole and one on the top. If using a lotion, protect clothing and furniture with a towel or two. Rub oiled or creamed hands together vigorously to warm them before beginning the foot massage. Working from your ankle to your toes. Massages it with long, firm strokes. Stroking stimulates circulation and warms the foot.

  • Holding your heel in one hand and your toes in the other circle your foot five times clockwise and then anti clockwise. This will loosen the joints and relax the foot. Starting with your big toe, stroke the length of each toe in turn and, when your reach the tip, pull gently to stretch it out. Repeat this three times. Pulls and Squeezes can be very calming.

  • Using our thumb and starting at your big toe move along the line of pads just below your toes. Press on each one firmly before moving on to the next. Work your way to your little toe, then change hands and, using your other thumb working your way backwards. And then repeat the procedure twice.

  • Use your thumb to press down gently from the top to the base of your big toe. Repeat on all of your toes. When your reach your little toe, change hands and use the other thumb to go back the other way. Again repeat twice.

  • Holding your toes in one hand, use your thumb on the other hand to press along the sole, pressing in a line from the base of your big toe to the center of your foot, following the line of the metatarsal. Repeat on all your toes, then repeat on the top of your foot following the same line. This will help in releasing tension in the inner and outer longitudinal arches.

  • Starting at your heel, use your thumb to press along the inside edge of your foot all the way up to your big toe. Press firmly and follow the line up over your instep. Then repeat on the outside edge of your foot, from your heel to your little toe.

  • Finally, massage the lower half of your sole, using firm pressure. Rotate your ankle, both clockwise and anti clockwise, as in step 2. Repeat step 1, using long, firm strokes from ankle to toes. Put on a cotton sock and repeat the massage on the other foot.

  • For Tired and Swollen FeetFor Tired and Swollen Feet

  • Rest your feet above your head for 10 minutes: do this by lying at right angles to a wall, or on the bed with your feet up on the headboard, or on the floor with your feet resting on the edge of a chair. Any swelling will disappear as trapped fluids travel back your legs towards your heart.

  • Plunge your feet into a tub of cold water or sit on the side of the bath with your feet under the cold tap; then put them up for a while.

  • Roll your feet over a couple of chilled cans of drink straight from the fridge.

  • Spritz them with a cooling foot spray, you can buy the mint flavoured ones in most chemists-keep them in the fridge in hot weather.
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