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Glasses today have become the hottest fashion accessories. They are available in different styles and frames. Thus, choosing the right frame of glasses is a tough job.

Choosing the Right FrameChoosing the Right Frame

Firstly, decide whether you need one pair of glasses or more. That can be, one pair for work and another pair for evenings and weekends. Thus, after you have pinpointed your need it will be easy for you to decide what kind of frame you require. For work you need the simple and conservative style. For evenings and weekends you need a more bold, ultra-modern and ultra-feminine style. However, apart from all this, your face is the key factor in deciding what kind of frame will suit you. Thus, choosing the right frame will not only accentuate your good features but will also help you in hiding the less-desirable features. Thus, which of the following frames will suit which particular face shape is listed below:

  • Round Face: Oval, straight or rectangular frames, slightly larger than your face.

  • Square Face: Oval frames with straight or rounded lines, in a size more or less equal to your face.

  • Triangular Face: Large frames with the top line straight or rounded.

  • Oval Face: Any frame is suitable for this face type.

  • Frames Available

  • Plastic Frames

  • They are available in different styles and colours. Plastic frames are also available with lamination using layers of different colored plastics that are laminated together to create unique colorization.

  • Rimless Frames

  • Rimless frames look sophisticated and chic. Rimless glasses with lenses cut in soft shapes and in soft colours give the perfect feminine look.

  • Frames with Tinted and flash-coated lenses

  • Tinted and flash-coated lenses created to match or complement the frame`s colour have celebrity appeal, creating a modern, trendy look.
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