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Healthy Hair
Home-Made Recipes for Healthy Hair

If you want to have beautiful long hair, but cannot because of problems like dandruff, split-ends and untimely greying here are some easy home recipes for good growth of hair. So get going to have hassle free bouncy hair!
  • Healthy HairWash and clean a bunch of Methi leaves in water. Without adding water, add black pepper, a few drops of lemon and salt to taste and boil. Churn this in a mixer or juicer and drink this concoction. Drinking this regularly will increase hair growth.

  • Eat pieces of coconut or if you get cough because of coconut, have jaggery instead. Also include coconut in your daily food like dals, vegetables, etc. Half an hour before washing your hair, rub coconut milk onto your scalp. This will also make your hair shinier.

  • Just as you massage oil, massage raw milk in your hair. Wash off after an hour.

  • Cashew nuts are very nutritious and good for your skin and also enhance hair growth.

  • At night before going to sleep, give your hair a hundred strokes with a brush. This increases the blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. However brush your hair gently for vigorous stroking will cause breakage.

  • Drink coconut water atleast twice a week. It is good for your skin, digestive system and really a miracle ingredient for your hair.

  • Heat olive oil and massage into hair and then take a steam. By doing this regularly you will get rid of split-ends.

  • Make a paste of jaggery, curd, and Multani mitti and apply on scalp an hour before shampooing to get rid of dandruff. Take this treatment once in 15 days.

  • Essential Nutrition: Common Food Source

  • Vitamin A- Vitamin A is necessary for promoting a healthy scalp and gives body and glow to your hair. Include carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, apricots and dark green vegetables in your diet.

  • Vitamin B- Vitamin B regulates the secretion of oil, keeps hair healthy & moisturized. Eat more of fresh green leafy vegetables, beans, sunflower seeds, raw wheat germ, brewers yeast, liver, nuts, peas, tomatoes, cauliflower, cereals, liver kidney, yogurt and bananas.

  • Vitamin C- Include brussel sprouts, red peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, limes, melons and berries.

  • Vitamin E- Include avocados, rice bran, nuts, dark green vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

  • Vitamin K- Include Seafood, dairy foods, figs, brewer yeast, asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, brussel sprouts, cabbage, dark green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, oatmeal, rye, soybeans, liver, wheat and yogurt.

  • Minerals- minerals like zinc, iron & copper promote healthy hair. Food sources: zinc - red meat, chicken & green vegetables; iron - beef, dried apricots, red meat, parsley, eggs, wheat & sunflower seeds; copper - seafood, egg yolk & whole grains.

  • Proteins- consuming more of protein gives your hair natural shine and good texture. Include more of sprouted whole grains, meats, fish, eggs, cheese, seeds and nuts, cereals and soy in your diet.

  • Magnesium- Include dairy products, meat, fish, fruits, nuts, brewer`s yeast, whole grains and green-leafy vegetables.

  • Iron- Include eggs, fish, liver, oysters, meat, poultry, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and molasses.

  • Potassium- Include bananas: dairy, fish, meat, poultry, molasses, oranges and Tortula yeast.

  • Omega-3- Include cold-water fish, dark-green vegetables, hemp oil and pumpkin seed oil.

  • Omega-6- Include safflower oil, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, corn, pumpkinseeds, kidney beans, soybeans, and evening primrose oil.
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