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Make-up Tips for Teenagers
Most teenage girls begin wearing light make-up around the ages of 12-13, as they become more aware of their appearance. As a teen, your make-up should look natural and enhance your facial features. With a few simple, inexpensive products, you can play up your finest features and even look great! You don`t need to use make-up on every facial feature you have! Mix and match to find out what looks best on you.
For parties, you may want to add a little more make-up to enhance your features. Make sure you blend it in well with your fingers or a cosmetic brush and check it in bright light when you`re finished. Here are a few tools that you might need for your make-up.

Concealer - Put under your eye with a dab on your eyelid.
Powder - Evens out your complexion and covers minor blemishes. Also gives your T-zone a matte finish.
Basic black mascara - Will enhance the whole eye by highlighting your eyelashes.
Blush - Use something soft and subtle. Powder is better than cream.
Lip liner - It gives emphasis to your lips.
Sheer gloss or lipstick - Brightens the lips and illuminates your whole face.

Applying Foundation CreamFoundation

Foundation for teens is not necessary. But you can use foundation cream to cover up little blemishes that are there on the skin and foundation will also give your skin an even finish. Choose the foundation cream, which is as close as your skin tone. Blend it evenly and don`t forget to blend it into your neck. While it can clog your pores, it will also look overdone. Skip the foundation and use a concealer on your blemishes only. Lightly dust on some loose powder over your entire face to even out your skin tone, control oil, and set the concealer.


Powder helps in mixing and setting your foundation right and also adds a natural glow to your skin. Use loose powder since it gives an even finish and the excess is easy to remove. However compressed powder is easy to carry around so girls find that handy.

Eye Make-upEye Make-up

You may not be interested in eye shadow until you`re a little older. When you do begin wearing it, do not use eye makeup at daytime. Use a light colour to cover your eyelid and eye socket. Take a slightly dark colour and shade in above your eye crease and down to the top of your eyelid. Outline the eye as close to the lashes as you can and blend in both top and bottom lines so that they don`t look too hard. Apply two coats of mascara to upper and lower lashes.

However, you can use any trendy metallics and sparkles sparingly. Eye shadow does not have to match your eyes, however earth tones like tan, brown, and gray are very complimentary to blue, brown and hazel eyes. When you begin using mascara, brown works best for both blondes and brunettes. Black is probably too harsh, especially in the daytime. If you think brown isn`t dark enough, try brownish-black.

Waterproof mascara may be necessary for sports and outdoor activities in warm weather. It stays on longer and doesn`t run, but it`s harder to take off. It`s best to keep make-up to a minimum and you won`t have to worry about undesired smearing.

If you`re going to use eyeliner, a pencil liner looks more natural than liquid liner. Learn to apply it with a steady hand for straight lines, and blot it with a tissue if you get it on too dark.

Eye LashesEye Lash Curlers

They look like instruments of torture but it doesn`t hurt a bit and makes your eyes look much bigger and your eyelashes longer. Make sure your lashes are clean without any mascara and very carefully put your lashes into the eyelash curler. Gently squeeze the handles together. Put your mascara on afterwards and see the difference, later also experiment and see what suits you.

If you have blue eyes browns, using smoky greys and natural colours will make them look bluer than if you use a blue, but you could try blues and pinks for a funky look - anything goes. Try to concentrate on one feature, but don`t forget the rest. If you go for very dramatic eyes then go for a softer more neutral lip colour or just gloss.


Blusher gives your face warmth and makes it livelier. But use it properly since blush used at wrong places might give quite funny looks. For example if you use blush too near to your nose, it will draw your face inwards. If you want to make your eyes appear wide the just sweep some blush outwards. If you want a chiseled look dab some under your cheekbones.

Liquid and stick blushes are popular choices for teens because they glide on smoothly and blend in well. Pinks and peaches compliment almost any skin tone. Apply to the apple of your cheeks and blend outwards, towards your hairline.


For luscious lips, lip-gloss does the trick. If you want to add some color to your lips for a nighttime look, try a lipstick in a sheer color. For extra shine, put the lip-gloss on over your lipstick. Always have lip balm handy for chapped lips.


You can use highlighters to give shape and appearance to your face and also to draw attention to your good and plus points, such as your eyes. You can put a touch of highlighter on the top of your cheekbone and under your brow.


Lipstick adds colour to your face and thus is said to give the finishing touch. Outline the lips with a lip pencil in either the same shape as your lipstick or one shade darker and fill in with lipstick. Add a lip glow afterwards if you like.
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