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Making The Colour Last
Making the Colour Last

  • Once you have got your hair coloured with your desired shade, the next thing that you want is to make the colour last for as long as possible. There are several things you can do to maximize the life of your newly colored locks and keep it looking gorgeous and vibrant as long as possible.

  • Select the hair colouring product that is most compatible with your life style. If you don`t have time to redo your roots every 3-4 weeks, you may want to select a hair colour shade that is only 1-3 shades lighter than your natural color. The closer you go to your natural hair colour, the less your roots will show as they grow out.

  • When your roots are less obvious, your hair colour will last longer before you have to touch up your roots. Always select the type of colouring product that is easiest for you to maintain.

  • Apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair a few days before colouring. The better conditioned your hair is, the easier the colour will take and the longer it will last.

  • Go in for the colouring of the hair, which has not been washed for one day. The natural hair oils will assist in making the hair colour application more successful. The colour will cling better to hair that is not dry.

  • Use a colour enhancing shampoo between applications to enhance and maintain the colour. The color shampoos will help you keep your colour looking good until it is time for the next application. If you don`t wish to use a colour enhancing shampoo then at least use the most gentle shampoo that you can.

  • Avoid exposing your coloured hair to the sun or chlorine in swimming pools. The sun may fade your hair colour and the chlorine may damage the color. In some severe cases, if you have coloured your hair a very light color the chlorine may leave a green tinge to your hair.

  • Use layered colours to prevent an overall faded color look. The advantage to applying layered colours would be to have complimentary shades of darker and lighter colours, which would reflect the light and give the color a multidimensional look.

  • Using Mehendi

    While it is true that hair dyes contain chemicals that may damage your hair in the long run, that does mean that there is no hope for people with grey hair. Mehendi is a very good alternative if used properly and it will not give your hair the traditional red colour. Here are a few pointers to help you colour grey hair the right way.

  • First of all always use Mehendi of a good quality. Then soak the mehendi overnight in an iron vessel and then use it the other day.

  • If you do not want to colour your hair and only want to use it as a conditioner, then oil your hair before applying it and leave it on only for an hour or so.

  • If you wish to give your hair a reddish tinge, add `katha` to it or boil and add grated beet to it

  • If you want a bronze effect, add coffee powder to mehendi. You can also add oil to the mehendi paste.

  • For jet-black hair, soak amla overnight and then add this to the mehendi paste and keep this overnight in an iron vessel. Apply it the next day.

  • Wrap a cloth around your shoulders and use gloves to apply mehendi in order to avoid soiling your clothes. Take care that mehendi does not touch your ears or face, or else the colour won`t go for some days.

  • For best results, do not shampoo your hair after applying mehendi. Rinse your hair with plain water.
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