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Modern Views of Female Beauty
In the West, the modern views of female beauty in the west are determined partly by primeval instinct and partly by our modern culture (heavily influenced by media). A survey conducted by Pease & Pease, 2004, on men about female beauty surfaced 10 of the most desirable traits. All the traits are connected with youth, good health and fertility.

  • The most important trait, according to the survey, was an athletic body shape. An athletic body signals good health. It also certifies that a woman can bear children and defend her offspring.

  • The second most important trait is an attractive face, mainly focused on the mouth and eyes. A sensual mouth, which was favored above attractive eyes, is probably popular for men because a woman`s lips are thought by scientists to have evolved to mirror her genitals. Therefore, full red lips are a signal of sexual arousal. Large, infantile eyes are known to spark protective instincts in men. This is why mascara, eyeliner and eye make-up has been popular since antiquity. Men also slightly prefer lighter colored eyes. Also, research shows that contact lenses give the look of glistening eyes and dilated pupils, which men find `strangely attractive`.

  • Modern Views of Female Beauty
  • The third aspect of females that men find attractive is her breasts. It doesn`t seem to matter about their size or shape, but most men like to see cleavage.

  • The fourth attraction is long legs. According to the survey, it appears the long legs aren`t the attraction, but the attraction is more because a female`s legs attract attention to where her two legs meet, since long legs are also a sign of fertility and youth. The male attraction to long legs is also a reason for women to wear crippling high-heeled shoes. High-heels, makes a girl`s feet seem smaller and legs seem longer. The survey also stated that men preferred women with round, thick legs because extra fat is a symbol of femininity.

  • The next physical attributes are the rounded hips and a small waist. The ideal female WHR is 70% and according to Pease & Pease, 2004, men seem to lose interest in a woman as her WHR gets larger or smaller. Women who`s WHR exceeds 100% are the least desirable because this indicates fat around the reproductive organs, which translates to lower fertility.

  • The sixth most admired physical attribute is a round, peach shaped bum. It`s a primeval attraction that spans cultures and it is an enduring symbol of sexuality. In modern culture, women wear tighter jeans that show of the bum and make it seem more firm and round, and they wear high-heeled shoes. Apparently, Marilyn Monroe "chopped two centimeters off the heel of her left shoe to emphasize her wiggle."

  • The next physical trait is a flat belly. This simply communicates to possible suitors that a woman is not pregnant, It can also be a sign of athleticism and reproductive health if a woman has muscles and little fat around her stomach and abdomen.

  • The eighth and ninth traits are an arched back and vulva. These characteristics are another example of symbols of femininity. A woman`s spine is more arched than a man`s, and she has a narrower upper body and wider lower body,

  • The tenth physical attribute is a long neck. It is the fatness and roundness, which reminds basic difference between men and women. Men developed shorter necks that would be able to withstand more abuse during dangerous situations.
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